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Professional Headshots for Business Professionals

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professional headshots of a blonde woman what to wear blue dress in studio white backdrop corporate business headshotsPROFESSIONAL HEADSHOTS

Have you ever wondered why models, movie stars or other celebrities always look good in photos? It’s because they have headshots from professional photographers, who know their job well. There are a great many benefits associated with having professional headshots taken, especially if you have a business and want to make a good impression. It’s evident that people always associate a business with the owner’s face and since professional headshots are usually for business marketing only, it’s important that you take a high quality professional headshot. Some of the benefits you will enjoy include;

Your business will be given a personal touch

Most people love seeing a photo of the person they are doing business with, so including a headshot in your website will ensure that. Once potential customers see a photo, they warm up to the idea that they can actually do business with you! Including a headshot on your website also makes your business appear more human and personal.

It enhances your biography page

It is without a doubt that your ‘about page’ gets a lot of traffic, which is why it’s crucial that it should have a professional headshot. When people read your about page, they will want to connect what they have read with a face and this exudes professionalism, while also making your business seem friendlier.

You can use the professional headshot anywhere on the web

There are many platforms where you can use your professional headshot. They include;

  • Your blog
  • Your website
  • Facebook business page
  • When leaving comments on blogs
  • Guest posts for  other websites

Useful for branding collateral and market

It’s important to know that branding is not just a logo or tagline that is catchy; it’s also an emotional tie that connects you to your customers. This ultimately makes your face the company’s brand. Your headshot also features significantly, where marketing collateral is concerned, in regards to pertinent information concerning services and merchandise.

Vertical versus horizontal headshots

It’s important to let your photographer know about your preferences prior to booking an appointment. Many people prefer vertical headshots since they are the portrait orientation styles that are used the most. Horizontal headshots can also be great choices, mainly because they allow for more room and, provide the ability to crop in tighter for the purposes of achieving a more traditional look. Consider taking a professional headshot today and you will be glad that you did!

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