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Professional Headshot Tips | What to wear for professional headshots

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Professional Headshot Tips | Dustin Meyer Photography

A headshot, for business and career purposes, leaves an impression that will lead to the first stages of an interview or business deal. It takes only a few seconds to make an impression. Your headshot gives an impression in less time than browsing through your credentials. It is the first step in expressing your capability for the job or business. 

Before heading to the nearest professional headshot photographer, you must consider what you want to express, creative and trendy, or reliable and stable. Location also plays a major part in your headshot. You must choose whether you want your location to be in a studio, or at a location, like your business office or current project.

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After thinking through your headshot location, the next element to consider for an effective headshot is your attire. The clothes you choose and how you look in them makes an impact. Therefore, it is important that you wear clothing that appears professional and clean. These professional headshot tips provide the best types of clothing to wear for a headshot are simple, yet stylish. You want the clothing to reinforce the personality you want to project. Keep in mind that the focus is on your face and not on the clothes.

...you must consider what you want to express, creative and trendy, or reliable and stable...

  • Solid colors are a good choice for shirts and blouses. Stay away from prints and patterns that distract the eyes. Classic colors for headshots are navy blue, deep red and earth tones, such as moss green, browns and grays. These colors are flattering and striking, but not distracting. Black and white do not go well with most studio backdrops and lighting. 
  • Choose a classic cut for tops, shirts and blouses. Blouses and tops with V neckline are always flattering as these elongate the neck and the exposed collarbone accentuates the facial features.
  • When wearing a jacket, pair it with a collarless blouse. This classic look is stylish, but simple. A tailored shirt frames the face while flattering the neck and shoulders.
  • Wear low-key accessories such as stud earrings and pearls. Keep away from big accessories such as chokers and large earrings. These take the focus away from your facial features.
  • Find your best angles and practice the pose that exposes your best features.
  • Before shooting your headshot, take time to talk to the photographer to ensure he or she is aware of your intentions. May sure they understand the message you want to convey in the picture.

Follow these professional headshot tips and get the best out of your headshot session.

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