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Professional Headshots – Why you need them

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If it was so easy to capture the “perfect” picture yourself, why would professional photography even be such a unique field with so many experts around the world? That’s exactly the point this article’s about. Professional headshots near me. professional business headshots

A professional photographer knows how to position you for a photo, how to choose the perfect backdrop, how to exploit the camera settings according to lightening, and best of all – how to capture the finest angle of your face. In a nutshell, you cannot expect amateur photography to seal the deal for you, especially not in the case of headshots.

A headshot is something of utmost significance, it’s the first impression of you on your prospective clients – and as they say, “The first impression is the last impression”.

A shoddy headshot will decay the image of your brand in the mind of your prospective client, and they’ll just turn away. A professional headshot is an investment you’re making for your personal brand because it has an impact on the way your brand is perceived in the minds of the target audience.

Are you’re still not convinced, let me list down four main reasons as to why you should invest in professional headshots:

Conveys a Professional Image of your Brand

An excellent headshot naturally makes prospective clients, collaborators, investors, etc. believe that you practice professional conduct in whatever you do. They’ll be more inclined towards agreeing to that first meeting, which is the first step towards a future business deal. Moreover, all the potential recruiters will take a more in-depth look at your profile if you present them with a high-resolution and visually pleasing headshot. It’ll catch their eye! Also, don’t forget to smile. A small welcoming expression goes a long way – and tremendously increase your chances of landing an awesome business deal.

You’ll Stay at the Top of Mind of Important People

When you give a face to a name, you automatically create a distinguished place in the mind of the viewer. This is especially important in today’s fast-paced digital world, where people have an attention span that lasts for just a few seconds. People hardly spare enough time to read just a few lines of your resume, so a top-notch headshot is the best shot to make an instant and long-lasting image in your target audience’s mind. Moreover, you’ll stand out from the crowd and most likely be at the top of the mind of important people aka prospective clients, collaborators, investors, etc.

A Headshot Tells the Story of Your Brand

A high-quality headshot reflects not only your personality but also your expertise. A professional photographer will guide you to pick the most ideal location, the perfect set of clothes, and the best fit of expression to help give out the impression your brand needs. It’s important that our headshot best expresses the nature of your career and the standard of work you offer. This will help to create a whole landscape in the viewer’s mind by just looking at a picture - they’ll unconsciously associate your brand with the story you’re trying to convey through your headshot. Only a professional photographer can accomplish the goal of aligning your headshot with your brand, whether personal or professional.

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